Angry Beards Texturizing Spray Salty Sailor 500ml


You change the oil in your car automatically, don’t you? In the same way, your body needs lubrication before the red light comes on. Don’t play macho, grab the lotion so you don’t burn your skin.

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Angry Beards Texturizing Spray Salty Sailor 500ml

Angry Beards Texturizing Spray Salty Sailor 500ml

Salt is in our blood, our tears, and our sweat. And now you can have it in your hair. Spray it in clean for the chicks’ favorite pirate captain beach look, tanned hippie carrying a surfboard, or the die-hard survivor castaway. You can also use sea salt water to pre-style your hair the way the barber does it. You’ll give your hair a rougher, matte texture, and whatever you add on top will stick to your hair like Jack Sparrow to a bottle of rum. Proudly produced in Czechia.

Why you want it….

  • Sea and epsom salt water for the surfer look
  • Also a pre-styler that enhances the function of clay, pomade, and paste
  • Matte look and rough texture worthy of both surfer and pirate
  • A pro accessory that’s been top secret for years
  • Proudly produced in Czechia

How to use it :

Sprinkle a reasonable amount of texturizing spray on your mane and rake with your hand or comb to the desired shape. Then just let dry or blow dry your hairstyle. And if your hair is harder to comb, use the texturizing spray in slightly damp hair next time.

PRO TIP: With a little practice and a comb, you can conjure up incredible waves full of volume. If the survivor look isn’t enough for you, a blow dryer will elevate salt water to gold.

WARNING: Salty Sailor surprisingly contains salt. It can dry out your skin in high amounts, so be careful when applying, and spray directly onto your hair. If a drop falls by the wayside, don’t worry, you won’t be a daddy immediately. Just don’t spray your skin directly and you’ll be fine.

About Angry Beards

They’re a constantly growing gang of overgrown kids who do everything they get their hands on with full balls. They try to make quality products at affordable prices whilst providint unparalleled service. They also try to entertain themselves and you in the process. Sometimes they strike gold, while at other times their awkward humour doesn’t fall on fertile ground, but that’s showbiz, baby.

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