Angry Beards Beard Grooming Set – CEO


Everything a beard desires. Shampoo washes the beard, oil and balm take five-star care of you and the wax then pulls the beard into the desired form. What more could you want?

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Angry Beards Beard Grooming Set – CEO

Angry Beards Beard Grooming Set – CEO

Do you want to treat your beard properly and test essential beard products at the same time? Looking for a top gift for your beast or bearded friend? This set is every beard-lover’s dream come true. Shampoo, Christopher the Traveller oil, Steve the CEO balm and wax, all in a metal gift box.

In this set, you’ll find a must-have arsenal of beard products that every beardie will use for basic beard growing. The main function of the oil is to nourish the beard and skin so that the beard doesn’t itch and everything grows healthily. The balm works similarly, but thanks to the addition of waxes, it will protect the beard even in harsh conditions. The wax itself is a styling king that will pull the beard into shape. And the shampoo is a no-brainer for anyone who’s ever tried to lick off a baking pan. Whether you’re planning on pleasing a bearded pal or pleasing yourself, you’ll score with this pimped-out gift.

Why you want it :

  • Complete grooming for beardies
  • Shampoo, oil, hard balm for max styling, and wax
  • Cleanliness, nourishment, and grooming all in one box
  • Deluxe black-and-white box
  • Proudly produced in Czechia

Here we’ll briefly tell you how to go about it and check out the complete manual with individual products.

Oil  Use the oil on your damp beard and skin once or twice daily. Drip 3–6 drops of oil into your palm with the pipette. With your hands, work the oil into your beard all the way to your chin. It’s not rocket science, simply rub your entire beard and lightly massage your skin with your fingers. For maximum effect, brush your beard after application.

Balm – Use your finger to scrape out the necessary amount of balm depending on the length of your beard. Rub it in your palms to warm it up and apply evenly to your beard and moustache. Use your fingers to massage the balm into your beard and skin to ensure it gets everywhere. We mainly recommend the balm for outdoor protection. Feel free to apply 1-2 times a day or as needed, they’re not antibiotics.

Wax – A purely functional affair to help tame the unruly beard. You can apply it solo, just scrape it out and warm it up by rubbing it in your palms. The other option is to enrich the wax with a balm for stronger styling, but always add it to the palm of your hand and rub it in thoroughly with the balm to warm it up.

Shampoo – Put into your palm an amount corresponding to the length of your beard and then lather it lightly. Apply the shampoo to your beard all the way to the skin and massage it in with your fingers. Then just rinse with lukewarm water. We fine-tuned the ingredients to be as gentle as possible. With a clean conscience you can use the shampoo anytime you need, even every day. Usually once every 2-3 days will be enough, though.

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