6559 Black Badger Omega Shaving Brush with Stand


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6559 Black Badger Omega Shaving Brush with Stand

6559 Black Badger Omega Shaving Brush with Stand

Omega black badger shaving brush with resin handle and chromed metal stand.


Packaging: Single Brush

Tuft: Black Badger

Handle: Resin

Size: 125

Color: Red

Black Tasso: The most common of the various Tasso qualities. The brushes produced in Black Badger, with their characteristic dark colour, stand out for their strength and resistance, maintaining an excellent ability to produce foam. Their value is slightly lower than others in more valuable qualities, despite being 100% produced with careful manual production. Excellent as a starting point for those who want to approach the world of traditional shaving or for those who appreciate a more decisive touch.

Quality rate 1st Grade Super: The brushes produced in 1st Grade Super badger, soft and fine with a characteristic light colour shaded with a dark band, are the most present on the market. 100% produced with careful manual production, they satisfy lovers of traditional shaving both for the delicacy on the skin and for the ability to produce abundant and consistent foam.

About Omega

Their production, identified by OMEGA brand, marks a complete range of professional high quality paint brushes and rollers and a wide selection of shaving brushes and shaving sets both in bristle, badger or synthetic fibers. OMEGA‘s high quality production is due to the great experience in manufacturing and to the careful selection of raw materials.
The brand is widespread not only in Italy but all over the World, even in those countries where a well-established and qualified domestic production exists.

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