Marriage and Why Men Want It Too

Marriage and Why Men Want It Too

Marriage is usually a no-no topic for men. Hearing something like “Wedding rings: the world’s smallest handcuffs” or “A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he’s finished” is something quite normal.

We all know how a women reacts when she tells friends and family that she is getting married. It’s an event they have been dreaming for all their life. It is an event quite similar to that as the big bang. No equivalent to such an event can be found and is usually followed by high-pitched squeals and weeks of moaning. A wedding is a dream come true.

“Au contraire monsieur“,  when a guy tells his buds he’s getting married, the first thing they ask him is, “Is she pregnant?” After a simple “NO” another simple question is then asked “Then why the hell are you getting married?”. Men’s ultimate dream contraire to women is highly ambitious and so very few manage to fullfill theirs. Many men dream of becoming astronauts, driving sweet rides, touring the world and last but not least is to copy Hugh Hefner.

So you might be asking hmmm…Good question. Why do guys then want to get married? Isn’t marriage a mistake every man should make?

Leaving aside the fact that on rare occasions men do want to get married, some because of a unplanned pregnancy and some due to her super filthy rich dad, there are actually a number of legitimate reasons guys want to get married these days.

No, really, we are not kidding! Here’s a look at 5 of them.

1. Some Guys want to be taken care of. Yes, men love to put on a tough, macho exterior. Alas most of us, will become cry babies when we get sick or hurt ourselves. Having a nanny to kiss us and reassure us would be awesome. Some other guys sincerely and honestly enjoy the company of a women which hopefully will remain their friend for life.

2. We hate doing the laundry. I’m not saying women should do this or be forced to do it. But there are gender stereotypes for a reason. Ideally a married couple should balance out the daily chores. She’s infinitely better with the laundry so she handles that. In the meantime I’ll do my share of handyman things around the house. One can always play the spiders & cockroaches killer card if any arguments arise.

3. We feel the need to be a warrior. Men just feel like doing the protecting. It’s the caveman gene in us.

4. That darn “love bug,” it can happen in a waiting line or in a club, he can’t stop thinking about that special woman in his life. The aching point of this is that suddenly he wants to spend every waking moment with her. That’s when he knows the only way to stop that feeling is to dump her or get married.

5. With Marriage you can have a Healthy Family. Procreation is in our genes. This explains the drive many of us have to get married and have kids.

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