Recipe for Men Concealer Medium


Covers dark circles, bags and puffiness in the under eye area.

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Recipe for Men Concealer Medium

Recipe for Men Concealer Medium

Properties: A creamy and caring liquid concealer with vitamin E. Covers dark circles, bags and puffiness in the under eye area, as well as minor skin complexions such as small rashes and pimples.

Produced in Sweden, 100% vegan formulation, no parabens.

Volume: 2,5 ml/0.08 fl. oz.

Skin type: All

Key ingredients

  • Vitamin E: caring, helps fight free radicals.
  • Glycerine: light on your skin yet deeply hydrating, anti-irritating, improves skin elasticity

Instructions: Apply in the under eye, on the eye lids, around the nose or anywhere to cover small rashes or other minor skin complexions. Always use a moisturizer or an under eye gel before applying concealer. If you use a foundation, apply it before applying the concealer.

Under-eye concealer (also called color corrector) is a beauty product applied below each eye to cover up dark circles or discoloration. Unlike foundation, under-eye concealer is not a full-coverage product, it’s sole purpose is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and hide discoloration.

About Recipe For Men :

Recipe for men develops advanced, and highly efficient quality products for men. They focus on visible results and problem solving. The concept is technical and cutting edge, but with an honest and straightforward approach. The motto is “logical skincare and no fuzz”. A first-rate men’s skincare line should be accessible and easy to understand. But most importantly – it should keep its promises.

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