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ManCave’s Aluminium Free Deodorant uses Silver Citrate to remove bacterial odour, keeping you naturally protected for up to 24hrs.

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Your day oscillates from the physical to the mental, with unexpected run-ins at almost every junction. To allow you to focus on those aspects of your day that really demand your attention, ManCave have developed a natural base deodorant.

ManCave’s natural Deodorant stands alone with its capabilities. Aluminium Free (pore blocking agent which is linked to many unhealthy matters) & Alcohol Free; Our Deodorant is formulated with Acai Fruit Oil a natural anti-bacterial active to help prevent odour creation. Being a deodorant rather than an anti-perspirant, the formulae will not wrongly prevent sweating, but looks to remove odor so that your body can perform naturally, with a modern compromise of being odour and health worry free.

Deodorant Key Ingredients:

Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel, Chamomile. [Aluminium & Alcohol Free]

Our Natural Defence products do not contain: parabens, sulphates (SLS SLES), synthetic dye, petrochemicals, ingredients from animal sources and are not tested on animals. The ManCave Aluminium Free Deodorant is a Vegan friendly product.

What It Does:

  • Helps eliminate odours
  • Protects underarm for up to 24hrs
  • Naturally derived anti-bacterial agents combat underarm bacteria

How To Use:

Following your energising ManCave Shower Gel experience, remove the ManCave Deodorant cap, roll up the stick and apply evenly to your underarm. Get dressed as normal and proceed with your day – stress free.

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