Lumin Skin Keratin Fortifying Conditioner


Deep hydration for strong, healthy hair.

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Lumin Skin Keratin Fortifying Conditioner

Lumin Skin Keratin Fortifying Conditioner

This keratin-rich conditioner for men helps repair damaged hair, smooth dry ends, and nourish hair follicles for stronger, healthier hair. Keep thinning at bay and boost the health of your hair with this lightweight, jojoba-infused formula that balances scalp pH and improves the overall look and feel of your hair.

All hair types. An essential step for healthier hair, our keratin-rich conditioner for men helps hydrate your strands while helping to repair dry ends and damage.

Benefits :

  • Repairs damage and dry ends
  • Offers nourishing hydration
  • Helps repair damaged follicles

Key Ingredients :

Keratin : Smooths out frizz and provides shine-boosting moisture for strong, healthy, more manageable hair.

Helps With

– Smooths hair strands

– Locks in moisture

– Seals split ends

Green Tea Extract : A strong antioxidant that helps to diminish early aging signs, support skin health, and balance oil production.

Helps With

– Dryness & Dullness

– Fine Lines

– Dirt & Oil Buildup

– Excess Oil

Jojoba Oil : Provides deep, anti-aging skin hydration while soothing sun-damage and softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Helps With

– Locks in moisture

– Softens lines + wrinkles

– Soothes sun damage

Why Lumin?

They sought out the highest quality, most effective ingredients. They traveled countless miles to consult skincare experts in Seoul. Also, they did it all for the greater good of man (and his skin).

Hand back your partner/mom/sister’s eye cream, cause it just ain’t gonna cut it. Men’s skin is a whole other ball game—it’s thicker, tougher, and structured differently than women’s. We craft products tailored to your skin type and formulate regimens that actually take your skin issues head-on.

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