Angry Beards Steve the CEO Beard Balm 50ml


Steve is harder compared to Carl because of his greater wax content, which not only nourishes beards, but also gives them shape.

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Angry Beards Steve the CEO Beard Balm 50ml

Angry Beards Steve the CEO Beard Balm 50ml

Steve has harder consistency, so use him, when you want to shape your beard.


    • Honest czech product
    • Perfect nutrition and regeneration of beard and skin
    • Film against sunlight and negative environmental influences
    • A luxurious smell of success
    • Jar made of special purple glass


Combinations of natural ingredients, such as shea butter, along with coconut and almond oil, give the beard and skin the right food to keep them nourished and to keep them from itching. Lanolin from Australia hydrates the beard and protects it against external influences. Carnauba wax provides a brilliant shine and gives the possibility of a slightly styling your beard.


Scrape out the necessary amount of balm with your finger, it depends on the length of the beard. Place it between your fingers, heat it by friction and then spread it to your palms. After that evenly apply balm to your beard and moustache. Recommended application is 1 to 2 times a day or when neccesarry, It’s not an antibiotic.


To make your beard look magnificent, well nourished and nicely groomed, you have to give them the best. We also can‘t forget about the skin, which is often irritated and dried. The combination of shea butter along with coconut and almond oil nourishes the skin and prevents itching. Carnauba wax and beeswax, which Steve contains to a greater degree, will ensure that the beard keeps the shape you desire. The protection against external influences is provided by lanolin, which also hydrates the beard and skin from the inside.

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