Angry Beards Sit & Chill Ball Powder


You change the oil in your car automatically, don’t you? In the same way, your body needs lubrication before the red light comes on. Don’t play macho, grab the lotion so you don’t burn your skin.

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Angry Beards Sit & Chill Ball Powder

Angry Beards Sit & Chill Ball Powder

Let your balls taste the power of a desert storm. One powerful PUFF and your ballgame will stay dry in the face of all the modern world’s hardships. The puffer is for sacks that sweat without physical exertion, like its liquid brother Antisweat. Your shift in the office chair, Sunday lunch at your mother-in-law’s, a long haul behind the wheel or in the saddle of a two-wheeler. Give your sack a sniff and become the ruler of the world with dry family jewels!

Why you want it….

  • Treat your balls to a powder line longer than the Great Wall of China
  • A cloud like a desert storm and your basement is dry
  • Tapioca with bamboo against ballstink
  • Delicate scent of cleanness in every sniff
  • Proudly produced in Czechia

How to use it :

Puff from all sides onto a dry and clean scrotum. Feel free to give your balls a puff every morning and then as many times as needed during the day. The powder absorbs moisture and freshens your whole basement. Just dust off any residue onto your trousers or underwear.

PRO TIP: Puff the powder into your underdeck with the applicator facing up. Why? When you turn the bottle upside-down, you only have one shot. But it only takes a quick flip backwards to load it again!

About Angry Beards

They’re a constantly growing gang of overgrown kids who do everything they get their hands on with full balls. They try to make quality products at affordable prices whilst providint unparalleled service. They also try to entertain themselves and you in the process. Sometimes they strike gold, while at other times their awkward humour doesn’t fall on fertile ground, but that’s showbiz, baby.

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