Angry Beards Lip Balm 4.5ml


The only balm that will give you the energy to do another series, write down another e-mail, or even listen to another historical anecdote when you did something wrong again.

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Angry Beards Lip Balm 4.5ml

Angry Beards Lip Balm 4.5ml

Chapped lips and lack of energy, two things that bother every guy. Angry Beards thought about it and came up with a brilliant solution. Introducing the first energizing lip balm, or Lip balm that gives you wings!


    • Honest czech product
    • Energy packed not only for travel
    • Nutrition and treatment of lips
    • Taste of energy drink whenever needed
    • The need to apply it secretly

Usage :

Use whenever needed, just point out two things. First and foremost, no one should see you during the application for understandable reasons. Angry Beards recommend using elevators, toilets and other private spaces. If there is no such possibility, you can use the trick “something fell under my desk”, “is my jacket not matching from the inside?” And others. The second is to remember the taste of the balm. If you want to indulge in sushi caught in a club, then this can be an advantage. But if you want to have a beer or meat, mixing the taste of an energy drink with some such delicacy is not exactly delicious.


Hand on heart, painting your lips is very humiliating and it may not send the right signals. Unfortunately, one does not explain it to the body and, surprisingly, licking one’s lips does not solve the problem. We can collectively agree that this is actually an energy drink and it is produced in the form of lip balm. We need energy, no one can blame us, and not having bloody lips is a side effect that we’re certainly not excited about, but that’s just the way it is.

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